miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Where is my mind?

My favorite song is "Where is my mind?" by "Pixis", american band of alternative rock . This song I like from that I doing in school, when i had13 years old. The lyric of this song and his melody caught my atention, but more that all his melody, that I relax, in special in moments of stress and when i don't feeling good.

This song is very special, because the firts time I heard it I was in a complicated moment from my life, because this is a very special song and I listen it very often.

I have it in my movil telephone, and the listen every time, specially when i travel by bus and when I be in my bedroom to full volumen.

The lyric is strange, but i like, because very time i wonder Where is my mind?, and when I do, remember this song.

I love this song, is inexplicable the sensation that I feel when i listen it, because I disconnect the world, I forget the trouble and of all.

Really i don't know much about the music of this band, but this and others song I've listen are great songs.

I recommed listening, is the excelent song!

Here is the video.