martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Calle 13!!!

Hello classmates... Lately I don’t go to some concert, but I remember when I went to see to “Calle 13”. This went to last year, in april, I don’t remember the exact day, in the Caupolican theather .
This concert was very special, because, the ticket was a gift from my friend Estefa for my birthday, also, I went with my boyfriend, and was the firts event that we go together.
I love “Calle 13”, is one of my favorites band, I love your style, your music, and about all your vocalist, “Residente”... I love him.
I remember that for this concert I don’t had money, and I was very sad because I was not going, for this, was special this concert, because was a surprise for me the possibility to go.
I really enjoyed this concert, I sang and danced all song, was really funny. The only bad thing was I had a few time with my boyfriend, so I don’t shouted and I did not this type things that I do usually, about all if I was in front of my “platonic love”. I was a “Lady”, a bit boring :/. But anyway was a great time.
On that ocassion to my boyfriend did not like “Calle 13”, maybe, because only he had hear one song, that is of “reggaeton”, but this band is more than only reggaeton. I like your style, and my broyfriend after to the concert, also he love them.
I hope with forward that “calle 13” come back... By classmates!