martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Sunset and Night Flight

Well, in London have a lot of interesting place, like museums, gardens, palaces, etc, but I like so much the “Sunset and Night Flight”, I think is a way for to meet the city, also the “flight” experience I think is magnificent… I like this activities kind because, like I say before, is a way of to meet the city also is fun and a good experience. Although is expensive I think is a recommend activity because is a incomparable way for to meet the city, from height about all of night, I think that this city is so beautiful in the night…

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010


Really, when I was little I played so much with my friends of my street to a lot of game, usually we played to the “hidden”, especially to “ball hidden”, or the posion bottle, the “to paint”, etc., although much time we separated in girls and boys and played to diferent thinks, for example the girls we played to the Barbies and “to be mom” and the boy, usually played to the football and the fight, but I enjoyed when played with the boys, and my favourite game was the “tag”, this game was one competition between girl and boys, beacuse this game is to tag to the person of the opposite sex and to take to the “base” where was the capture person. There was two positions when you was the team that to tag, one was the guardian of the base and the second was who to ran an to tag to the person of the other team. Was a game very tired, because all the time you was to ran, except when you was in the base, but is a game very entertaiment, i liked so much, in occasions with my friends was all day played this game, we forgotten all, the lunch, the tiredness, we enyojed so much this game.
I don’t remenber who taught me this game, I think one of my friends, maybe one of my older friends (age wise), but this game i played since I was very little, i don’t remenber when. This game we played very often, maybe one time for day, especially in summer, because during the year I went to the school or in winter my mom she don’t to leave go to the street.
So, this was and is my favourite game when I was a child, and I enjoyed so much!

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Greatest Chilean!!!!!!!!!!

Hi classmtes!
Really is very dificulted for my to choice only one greatest Chilean of all time, because I fell that a lot of people have made important thinks for the country and the our society in diferents aspects, even, a lot of people act of anonimate form. But if I have to choice one person, my choisen is “El Profesor Rosa” or for his real name, Iván Arenas. My election is for many reason... I think in this society, especially in this country the television of these days is very superficial, without real content for the children and young people. I think that my generation, all who saw the program “El mundo del profesor rosa” learned us about the nature, specially about animals and flora. Was a way very entertained for to learn, because the teacher drew the animals or plants, but have to guess what animal or plants was, he made it of way very entertaiment, I loved it.
The program was broadcast the Saturday afternoon, later of lunch, like to 3.00, I don’t remember exactly the hour, but I waited the start of the program, I loved to Guruguru, his bird, was very mischievous and crazy.
For misfortune in the actuality the program is not tranmitted, and no similar programs for to learn about importants topics of the nature and animals, I think that “El profesor Rosa” was and is a big contribute for us knowledge about the animal kingdom and how to make educational television.