martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Hi classmete!
I remember when the secondary students were demonstrating their opinion about the education in Chile in 2006; it was one of the most import demonstrations in our country about education. In this year I was in the pre-university, so I didn’t participate in this movement called “penguin revolution”.
In 2008, when I was in the second year in the university, I took part in the demonstrate about education, I participated in the activities like was the assembly, to painted cloth, etc. This year was so agitated, I remember one of manifestations, I was with Fran and the “guanaco” to splashed us, also the police to attacked us with tear gas, really was a extreme experience because the police to attacked to student unjustifiably because was one pacific manifestation, where the student to wanted your opinion and discomfort with the education.
This year the police to demonstrated the big repression against with the student university. The last week to attacked our university, to ignored the institutions and the expression right, inclusive to splashed to our dean. In my view this is unacceptable. I believe in this country don’t be the right to manifest and talk about topics like the education.
Despite I don´t participate in this year in this demonstrating , I agree in this occasion, because the student, about all, the student of the Universidad de Chile to deserve on quality education and the free education.