martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Sunset and Night Flight

Well, in London have a lot of interesting place, like museums, gardens, palaces, etc, but I like so much the “Sunset and Night Flight”, I think is a way for to meet the city, also the “flight” experience I think is magnificent… I like this activities kind because, like I say before, is a way of to meet the city also is fun and a good experience. Although is expensive I think is a recommend activity because is a incomparable way for to meet the city, from height about all of night, I think that this city is so beautiful in the night…

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010


Really, when I was little I played so much with my friends of my street to a lot of game, usually we played to the “hidden”, especially to “ball hidden”, or the posion bottle, the “to paint”, etc., although much time we separated in girls and boys and played to diferent thinks, for example the girls we played to the Barbies and “to be mom” and the boy, usually played to the football and the fight, but I enjoyed when played with the boys, and my favourite game was the “tag”, this game was one competition between girl and boys, beacuse this game is to tag to the person of the opposite sex and to take to the “base” where was the capture person. There was two positions when you was the team that to tag, one was the guardian of the base and the second was who to ran an to tag to the person of the other team. Was a game very tired, because all the time you was to ran, except when you was in the base, but is a game very entertaiment, i liked so much, in occasions with my friends was all day played this game, we forgotten all, the lunch, the tiredness, we enyojed so much this game.
I don’t remenber who taught me this game, I think one of my friends, maybe one of my older friends (age wise), but this game i played since I was very little, i don’t remenber when. This game we played very often, maybe one time for day, especially in summer, because during the year I went to the school or in winter my mom she don’t to leave go to the street.
So, this was and is my favourite game when I was a child, and I enjoyed so much!

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Greatest Chilean!!!!!!!!!!

Hi classmtes!
Really is very dificulted for my to choice only one greatest Chilean of all time, because I fell that a lot of people have made important thinks for the country and the our society in diferents aspects, even, a lot of people act of anonimate form. But if I have to choice one person, my choisen is “El Profesor Rosa” or for his real name, Iván Arenas. My election is for many reason... I think in this society, especially in this country the television of these days is very superficial, without real content for the children and young people. I think that my generation, all who saw the program “El mundo del profesor rosa” learned us about the nature, specially about animals and flora. Was a way very entertained for to learn, because the teacher drew the animals or plants, but have to guess what animal or plants was, he made it of way very entertaiment, I loved it.
The program was broadcast the Saturday afternoon, later of lunch, like to 3.00, I don’t remember exactly the hour, but I waited the start of the program, I loved to Guruguru, his bird, was very mischievous and crazy.
For misfortune in the actuality the program is not tranmitted, and no similar programs for to learn about importants topics of the nature and animals, I think that “El profesor Rosa” was and is a big contribute for us knowledge about the animal kingdom and how to make educational television.

domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

My ideal Job!!!!

Hello Classmates!

Well… If I have to choose one my ideal job would be to devote full time to help animals, especially stray dogs. The truth is that I intend to do, but as a hobby in my free time, but I would be happy to do it and devote myself entirely to that.
I think I would love this job because I love animals, especially dogs, in fact all the dogs in my house are taken from the street and I am very happy to help in that way, and if I could dedicate more time to this would be even happier.
I meet a girl that does something close to this, as it works in a veterinary clinic and have pets in your home that collects on the street ... are very good friends, and we care for a dog between them, she also helps me when one of my pet need any help.
Like I said before, my dream was to study veterinary medicine, but not what I expected, so although I have not studied that part of my life devoted to helping animals, but my soil would fully devote to that, I think is one of the things that I love and feel that is what would make me happy.
I hope anyway, to complement my work as geography and to help animals and not feel frustrated that I could not do what you really wanted

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

John Lennon!

Hi classmates!

Well, really is very complicate for me in this moment to choose one person, but now, the famous person that I like met is Johnny Deep, but only I say things about his appearance and physical attributes, for this, I talk about John Lennon.

John Lennon I like since I was little, I grow up listened The Beatles, I like them a lot. I choose specifically to Lennon because he was one of the founders of The Beatles, also in his phase like soloist his music was and is brilliant, I don’t know too much about music, but John Lennon in my opinion is one of the best musician in the world, also his opinion against the war always he keep it, regardless of the threat of to expel him of the USA.

Maybe for what Mark David kill him, the only that I know is that we lose one of the best artist and person of the world and I don’t had the pleasure of meeting him.
If I have the possibility of the meet him, maybe we talk about his music, which was his inspiration for his music, and his motivations for the fight against the war, why decide to separate of The Beatles and, why not, why he choose to Yoko Ono.
Really, I like to meet somebody like John Lennon, but I think that he is “one”, and only is his legacy.

A perfect Day!

Hi Classmates!

A perfect day? I really feel that I have had many perfect days with my friends, my family and my boyfriend, but I must be sincere and perfect the last few days I've experienced are with David. The song sounds very familiar; many will say that I am a "mamona", but I no matter.
In perfect day is and will be in Santiago or not, maybe a beach, the mansard truth does not matter ... hours of walking, talking, enjoying a meal or an ice cream at night to take us maybe something good and forget everything else, that was a scenario that has been repeated many times and I really love.
With my friends in life, a perfect day would be all day with them, ultimately we do not see very often, we find it or not all by myself would be great to be with all, talking, cooking something delicious, etc.
With my family spends something like that with my friends, very rarely we be together, therefore I wish I could meet everyone, especially that my mom.
I think it would be a perfect day to share with everyone, you may forget about the problems, it does not matter where or what to do.
I remember listening to the song of many beautiful moments I've experienced, as I said initially, especially with David, I look forward to having perfect days!

jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Santiago, tourist city!

Hi classmates!

In my opinion Santiago not is the more beautiful city of Chile and not is my favourite place for to visit, but if I choice the places more picturesque for a foreigner tourist, maybe, I recommend the natural places of Santiago, for theirs beautiful landscapes and because are places where you can to escape of the contamination and chaos of the city.
The first place is “Cajón del Maipo”, in my opinion is the place more beautiful of Santiago because have a lot of the landscapes, the best place for to visit are the Morado Glacial, Baños Morales, Los Valdés, also wall to Lo Valdes you meet a cascade so beautiful, I don’t remember their name, but you may to visit it.
Other place, in the centre Santiago is Cerro San Cristobal "is called as the" lungs of Santiago ", the attractions that you find there are the zoo, swimming pools, a funicular and teleférico which unfortunately now is not working, or you can just go to enjoy a walk in nice place and have a full view of the city of Santiago, often contaminate, but still can be beautiful.
The Panul also is a nice place to visit, in the commune of La Florida, I don’t met it, but I know that is one of the few places where the sclerophyllous forest preserves in the city of Santiago, is very beautiful, because has beauty scenery and is very close to the city.

These places are no longer natural places, but I recommend them because they are beautiful and desirable in my opinion, are places that preserve its fine old facade and give the place a special atmosphere, one of them is the Barrio Concha y Toro, is close to Brazil Street, is a place I love, has a central pool and the houses are very nice and another very similar, but has much more trade and movement is the Barrio Lastarria, which is also very nice and the atmosphere is very special.
I hope that the places that I think are the best of Santiago are liked by many ...

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Persa Biobio

When I was little I loved to go to the mall with my mother, she always bought me clothes, toys and delicious food, but when growth started to hate the mall, the crowd bother me, also heard the sounds look a ten times stronger. Approximately, from the fifteen years old I left to attend a mall as they did before, when I'm just going to the movies or buy something specific.
Now the place I love to frequent is the "Persa biobio" I started going with my Tata when he was fifteen years ago, and since then I loved it. The truth is that I do not very often, maybe four times a year, but I really enjoy, I'll never buy anything specific, but I always find something I like, usually very cheap, and buy it. Luckily, my boyfriend also loves to go, we usually very early on Saturday and return at about three or four in the afternoon. Every corner, every object that I love is there, plus the atmosphere is special, and I also love to buy things there because they are often unique things, because I hate having to repeat things a lot, like those in the mall or department stores. The last time I buy a lot incense, an incense holder and a picture of Marilyn Monroe.
I love the "Persa biobio", although many people also frequent it is not the same as a mall, are also things you cannot find elsewhere. I think I will continue buying things there for long time.

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010


Hello classmates!

Well, I have many best memories when I was little about Fiestas Patrias, with my grandparents usually we went for a walk, we played and we visited typical places like Fondas, Rodeos, etc. My favorite activity was kite flying, I was very bad, and always I fell it or broke it.
The Fiestas Patrias was very familiar, always my grandfather made the barbequed and my grandmother made the Empanadas, she makes them very tasty, and with my cousin only we played. Unfortunately my mother always works in this date, so never I was with hem.
I like so much this date because always in the house meets the family, I love it, because in the year all people working or study and we never meet.
When I was little enjoyed a lot these days, first of all because I not had to go to the school and second, because I played a lot and I ate delicious food, besides being a family date.
In the school always had activities of Fiestas Patrias, I usually danced cueca, also I was in a folk group, for two years, so always at this date w were doing shows in my school and others.
Now, the Fiestas Patrias continue to be family, but I like go out with my friends, my boyfriend to Fondas and typical place. The difference when a I was little with my actual Fiestas patrias is that now only is celebrate, go out, I saw them before more innocent, I loved playing, dancing, not now, yet I really like the atmosphere and being with my family.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Hi classmete!
I remember when the secondary students were demonstrating their opinion about the education in Chile in 2006; it was one of the most import demonstrations in our country about education. In this year I was in the pre-university, so I didn’t participate in this movement called “penguin revolution”.
In 2008, when I was in the second year in the university, I took part in the demonstrate about education, I participated in the activities like was the assembly, to painted cloth, etc. This year was so agitated, I remember one of manifestations, I was with Fran and the “guanaco” to splashed us, also the police to attacked us with tear gas, really was a extreme experience because the police to attacked to student unjustifiably because was one pacific manifestation, where the student to wanted your opinion and discomfort with the education.
This year the police to demonstrated the big repression against with the student university. The last week to attacked our university, to ignored the institutions and the expression right, inclusive to splashed to our dean. In my view this is unacceptable. I believe in this country don’t be the right to manifest and talk about topics like the education.
Despite I don´t participate in this year in this demonstrating , I agree in this occasion, because the student, about all, the student of the Universidad de Chile to deserve on quality education and the free education.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Calle 13!!!

Hello classmates... Lately I don’t go to some concert, but I remember when I went to see to “Calle 13”. This went to last year, in april, I don’t remember the exact day, in the Caupolican theather .
This concert was very special, because, the ticket was a gift from my friend Estefa for my birthday, also, I went with my boyfriend, and was the firts event that we go together.
I love “Calle 13”, is one of my favorites band, I love your style, your music, and about all your vocalist, “Residente”... I love him.
I remember that for this concert I don’t had money, and I was very sad because I was not going, for this, was special this concert, because was a surprise for me the possibility to go.
I really enjoyed this concert, I sang and danced all song, was really funny. The only bad thing was I had a few time with my boyfriend, so I don’t shouted and I did not this type things that I do usually, about all if I was in front of my “platonic love”. I was a “Lady”, a bit boring :/. But anyway was a great time.
On that ocassion to my boyfriend did not like “Calle 13”, maybe, because only he had hear one song, that is of “reggaeton”, but this band is more than only reggaeton. I like your style, and my broyfriend after to the concert, also he love them.
I hope with forward that “calle 13” come back... By classmates!

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

My cats!

Hello, Like I said before, in this post I write about my caaaaats!... When I was little, never liked the cats, I hated them, but a winter's day came Alicia!! she was very thin and his hair was dirty and ill treat, and I gave her food and water, and from this day never left. Months after Alicia came pregnant, and gave birth three little and beautiful cats! their names are Polly, Francisca and Arturito, to Polly I gave her away and stayed with me Francisca and Arturitoo, Francisca is so fat, eat and sleep all day, but she is so happy, I know... Arturito is so beautiful, I love him, also to Francisca, but Arturito is my favorite. My whol family think that he's gay, but the do not understand that he's sensitive. Finally there is Alicia, She is older and hateful, does what she wants, my family be allows her. She is so beutiful, she have one eyes yellow and other sky-blue. My cats are very bautiful, I love them...

domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

My dogs!!!!

The past week I did not written in the blog... so in this ocassion I write about my pets.
I love the animals, are my best friends and partner, are with me ever. I love mostly the dogs, I have five, I appoints them from the first that came at my home...
The first was Sofia!!! Is so beautifull, I love her. His hair is black, and his eyes are brown. Is so nice, but when angry, is best, not closer. The second is Milly!!!! also is so beautifull, his hair is white with brown, seem cown XD, she is very naugthy, still believed to be the puppy, in my house hate her, because to broken all, but is so nice and beauty, always is happy.... Other dog is Hennano, is so funny, because his legs are very shorts and crooked, the next is Gregorio, his name is because is lame, and I remembered the serial "doctor house", still is puppy, and is so naugthy, always breaks my clothes, and the last is Tiriii!!!, his name is because he is shivering, he is old, and came the last year, is so nice, and have a face very funny, I love him... So, they are my pets, I love them. Also, I have cats, but in other ocassion will write about them.


miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


I was working almost every night, and I slept only two hours, and I woke up to 7.30 am, only to watch the game. I saw the first time complete, and I was very excited and nervous, but the Chilean selection played very well, Honduras was very weak and Chile showed superior dominating the ball, I enjoy very much the game, although I don’t like very much the football, but when I watch play Chile, I always get excited and I entertain very much… In the second time I slept!!!!! And I woke up in the last minutes, I was very frustrated…
I watched the game alone, in my bed, I want watch the game in the Estefania’s house, but I had a lot of work…
I don’t know a lot about football, is very difficult for me say who was the best player Chilean, but I think the best player was Jean Beausejour, because he was who gave the victory to Chile, scored the only goal of the game, also, I saw him all the time playing the ball XD… About the worst player Chilean, I think none of them was the worst; everybody’s gave the best, and played very well.
Really , I don’t think Chile can be the champion of the World cup, I think to advance to the next phase, but to the final… would have to see, if so, would be great… I trust in the Chilean selection and Bielsa, and I hope to arrive as close to the final….

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My Best holydays!

In my holydays, I was most of the time with my boyfriend ... Almost at the start of holidays, we went to Valparaiso to spend the new year, had a great time together ... After, all January I was in my home, because I had planned to go out with my friends, but as always, had excuses, and we do not go out together., so, I waited to my boyfriend until February to get out together, because he is working on his thesis.
In February we went to National Park "Radal Siete tazas", we camp... Is a place very beautiful, I like very much, also, camp was very cheap, therefore we had planned to spend several days there, and they had to know many beautiful places within the Park.…Lamentably, the earthquake caught us in that place, and the holydays lasting less than expected and we came back to Santiago... Despite of earthquake, before, what a great time, it was also the first time that he spent so much time with my boyfriend, and I really liked (L)... Were the best vacations I've had.
I am waiting another year to get out again, This time, we want to go to northern Chile, and well I hope I get caught another earthquake ...

My favourite geography subject!

Like I wrote in the previous post, I like of the geography, the topics most physicals, but above all, my favourite geography subject was "conservación del medio ambiente y Recuperación de Areas degradadas", which is divided in two parts, are a elective in geography, And I was take the two parts. This subject geography, as given by teacher Rodrigo Vargas. I believe that this subject is one of my favorites topics, and I hope some day work in this, is a topics that really I passionate. Other geography subject that I like me is "Biogeografia", despite the teacher I did not like, the topics I think very interesting, the vegetal species, the ecosystem, and all the topics that includes this geography subject, I like me, the teacher that given this subject is Quintanilla, I don't remember his name... Another geography subject that I like, but not the teacher, who was José Araya, was "Geomorfología", I really like what is the earth, and explanation of how things were formed and the processes that all this entails, I feel this topic is very useful, especially for those who want to devote to the more physical, and good geographers also need to know about what we stand ...
This semester, I have geography subject, maybe, most applied, this is very useful, for later to play a good job as a geographer, but I think that the teachers do not take advantage of the used that be the topics, and I feel somewhat dissatisfied of like are taught and exposed these.

I hope they are the subjects on which I spend a geography where, and what I teach each of the teachers is d great help.

lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Until to 16 years old I wanted study veterinary, but then I knew that not was what I wanted in my life, therefore, for a long time I did not know what wanted study and what wanted for my life. When I left the school I decided to take a sabbatical, and was there that I liked geography. At first I wanted study in Concepción, in the "Universidad de Concepción", in fact, I had saw a place where live, and had everything planned for begin my life there, but for my family and friends I decided study geography in Santiago.

What I like the Geography, is its ability to integrate, both, physical aspects and social aspects that can relate them, and make works and studies about it.
The first years in the geography, I often felt unmet, I believed that university was not appropriate for me, many times I wanted to get out of it, but during these years I've realized what I really like and want to do all my life.

The area that most I like of geography is the physical aspect, I like very much the topic of the soil conservation, environment, biogeography and water problems, but obviously to be geographer, I include the other aspects that make of the geography a integrative discipline.

I like very much the geography, and really I hope to work on this during all my life...

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

I love them!!!

I never liked call only one friend how "best friend", I have more than one like I consider and I think is my best friend. In my lifetime, I have met very special people, that have marked my life and have been very importan in each step that I gave in my life.
In this moment, if I have to choose one best friend, would choose to Romina. We met at school, the year 2002, when we were in 1st half in the "Instituto O´higgins".
At first did not sympathize, but some time later, we became great friends, until today. Always I have been disorderly, and in the school I lost my things, like my notebooks, my pencils, my gloves, etc., Romina therefore ordered my things, so I do not lose.

Romina have been in moments very important in my life, we have lived many things together, She's always when I need her, supports me in everything I do, advise me, always with me. She's a great person, but is seems to be a cold and strong person in the background is sensitive, caring, and that's what made me love her so much.

They are 8 years of friendship we have shared, 8 years that we have been together in the good and bad moments, and despite the short time we have us, we try to see every month, and shared with the rest of our friends.

The love for the animals, and especially the "feeling" that was generated as we met, is what has made our friendship grows up and endure, and I hope to continue for the rest of our lives.

I love you Romina!

My hobbies!

I actually have a lot of things I like doing in my free time, but I tend not to do them because of the lack of time, or mostly, because I’m lazy.

My favourite activity is bicycling, which I have liked since I was little. I always remember bicycles being my favourite gift to receive, whether in Christmas or in my birthday. I believe it is an essential object in my life, but like I said before, either because of the lack of time or because I’m lazy, I don’t go ride my bike too much, but I do go out whenever I can. I’m lucky my boyfriend loves bicycling so it’s an activity we both enjoy a lot and he also encourages me to do it more often.

Another hobby I have is watching television (TV), which takes up most of my time. I believe this is one of my favourite activities, though because I don’t have much time, I don’t get to do it as often as I used to. However, I always try to arrange my schedule so I can have some time to watch TV. Before, I used to spend more time watching TV since I watched different series, soap-operas and other TV shows, but now I don’t do that anymore. Still, I must admit watching TV relaxes me a lot and it takes up most of my free time.

Among other things I like to do, above all stands out the time I dedicate to animals, dogs and cats mostly. Since I was little, this has been a subject which I feel very passionate about and it was the reason why, for many years I wanted to study veterinary; but then I realised that veterinary didn’t satisfy my goals and what I really like doing.

My whole family loves animals which is where I think I got all the love I have for them. In my home, whenever we’ve had the chance to, we’ve taken in animals but since my house is really small, we usually try to give them away and whenever we can’t find them a home, we keep them and take care of them together. By now, I have five dogs and three cats, all of them adopted from the streets.

Besides the pets I have in my home, whenever I can I help out institutions that help animals or I help directly animals that are on the streets or in situations I find unfair, whether by buying them food, giving them water or defending them from adverse situations. The truth is I would like to dedicate more time to do this, but I haven’t been able for different reasons, may it be because of the money or because some other things demand more time from me.
I would like to keep doing this for the rest of my life because I believe it is a very important task in daily life, since concerning stray dogs it is an important matter that lately has been in the news and up for political and social debate. This is a situation that drives me to dedicate more time to help animals and to make out of this hobby a permanent activity. Since I was little, my family encouraged me to develop strong feelings about this matter and many people that are close to me also loves animals like I do; which is why I believe it is an activity I have enjoyed doing since I was little and whenever I can I try to encourage other people to act like I do and make them realise the importance of this matter. This is my way of doing a small part to help in finding a solution; so there is no more animal cruelty and no more stray dogs roaming the streets and we can hopefully find them a home or help them have a better life, something every living being deserves.

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip to Pichilemu

I enjoyed very much our Field Trip to Pichilemu, because adittion to learnig, we share with classmates, was very funny and a experience very rewarding.

With my group, in particular, we investigated the social area, especialy, the identity of Pichilemu, in diferent locations of commune, such as Punta de Lobos, Cáhuil, Los Ciruelos y Pañul.

This work was realised doing surveys and interviews to the people that participates in the principals activitys from each locality. Thanks to this, we realized that each locality have his own identity, and the commune of Pichilemu not is only surf.

The most interesting part of the Field Trip, was, meet differents locations, the people that live there, and the activitys that identify this places, which exceeded all expectations about the work that we had planed doing.

Apart of work that we had doing, share with my friend and classmates, I liked very much, as in previous Field Trip, not we had oportunities of share as much as we now.

I don't will live in Pichilemu, despite be a beautiful place, only in summer is a place full of people and with more movement, in winter is a town "dead", all closed, and this depresses me. Would only go in summer.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Vanessa’s Blog

Vanessa have 7 post, where has written about his musical tastes, favorite movie, his experience with the earthquake, and other topics.

I feel indetify with the likes of vanessa, I like very much his opinions and likes, in special the music, hobbies and films.

The blog design I also like, the colors are simple, but happy, and the gadgets is appropriate for class activities.

The video that went up, I must admit that is one of my favorites musical videos, I love Bjork, all his music, therefore I agree with the taste musical of vanessa.

The photographs, I think, are appropriate whith the topics that vanessa written, and some are beautiful, how the of Machupichu, his favourite piece of technoloy and favourites activities. The photograph about the earthquake is the more representative of this catastrophe in the country.

In general, I like very much vanessa’s blog, I think it represents his personality, and we share some tastes.

His Blog address is:

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

Brazil completes controversial Amazon dam auction

Conflict by the approval to build a big hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte, in the Xingu River, Brazil. Environmental groups and indigenous opposed to the completion of this proyect, while people in government and residents of nearby sectors believe will be a great opportunity to create jobs and increase tourism.

Hierro 3

Lately I have not seen good films, I saw in the summer some films like "2012" and "Wolf man", but I don´t like. Maybe, the film that more I like was "Hierro 3". Is a film of 2004, but I saw starting the summer, and I like it. Is a corean film, that related the story of two persons, a man living in diferent people house's, when this is unoccupied, and enters to the house of a married woman, under the orders of her husband, she discover him, and fall in love.
She scapes from home for to be with the man that she loves, but they have problems for be together, he is arrested and strug to to get out and be with her again.
Usually I don´t like romantic films, but this I like because is not the tipycal romantic film, the enviroment and how develops the story. The film is in silence, the characters never talk, and this silence make special the film. Is a slow film, but mantains your atention.

This film is starring Lee Seung-yeon and Jae Hee, realy is a film very beautiful, where one can realize that any feeling is beyond words but what we are capable of expressing

I hope yo like!


jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

I was on holidays in the National Park "Radal siete tazas", camping with my boyfriend. Five minute before earthquake I wake up for go to the bathroom, and when i was lifting me the earthquake began. I have panic to quakes, but slowly began, my boyfriend can was reassure me, until it started stronger, and we hugged.

The noise from earth, I will never forget it, was very strange and stronger, seemed that the earth "roared", the trees were shaken, I had panic, and I prayed.
When finish the earthquake, my boyfriend and me we got up for see to see what had happened, and we saw a great cloud of dust from the Cordillera and felt a soft smell of sulfur, and we thought was the volcano was "Descabezado", which was very close, and gave us terror. Thank god the smell to the minutes passed, and was only a false alarm. When it dawned, we decided go to sleep for rest, but get the police to evacuate, because the river caudal "Claro" was down, therefore, there was avalanche danger, I was hysterical, wanted saw to my family, as not knew of them, I not knew how had been the earthquake in Santiago, and I cried.

At 10 in the morning I can get to "Molina", the nearest town, and everything was down, there I
realized the magnitude of the earthquake, the bus terminals estanban closed and did not know how to return to Santiago.

At 1 of afternoon I could talk with my family, and this made me very happy.

Then get to "Curico", was overwhelmed by the disaster, the hospital was broken in two parts, the train station was down, and the bus station full of people. I was worried, I wanted arrived to Santiago, with my family.

After hours I managed to take a bus, and was very dificult transited to travel on the road, had diverted, the journey took hours.

Arrived to Santiago, went to my house and I huged to my mom, was the very emotional moment.

I think Chile reacts as compared to the earthquake sources, the magnitude of this, I think very few people died. The lack of committed officials, not being able to give warning of a tsunami, many people died because of that, I feel that in a country like this should not happen these things. Hopefully we serve as a lesson in front of another situation like this, not to die again so many people that could have been saved.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

I need talk to you !!!!

The comunications are fundamental piece in the daily life for all the world.
For me the comunication is very important above all when I'm far of my family and my loved ones. Despite the distance and I can not see them, just because of their voices heard and know that they are well, makes me happy, though not be it same have be with they, so it is very important in my life the telephone.

The day of the earthquake, was very frustrating for me, as I could not comunicate with my family, I not had news from they for hours. Therefore the posibility of be comunicate by telephone is very important in such situations of catastrophe. But not only I use it for know and give bad news, I use it very much for talk with my boyfriend and my friends when I cannot see them in the time that the study occupies most of my time or I don't have free time for see them.

I don't remember the first time I used the telephone, but I was very young when installed telephone on my home, and from that moment I not have it left of use

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Where is my mind?

My favorite song is "Where is my mind?" by "Pixis", american band of alternative rock . This song I like from that I doing in school, when i had13 years old. The lyric of this song and his melody caught my atention, but more that all his melody, that I relax, in special in moments of stress and when i don't feeling good.

This song is very special, because the firts time I heard it I was in a complicated moment from my life, because this is a very special song and I listen it very often.

I have it in my movil telephone, and the listen every time, specially when i travel by bus and when I be in my bedroom to full volumen.

The lyric is strange, but i like, because very time i wonder Where is my mind?, and when I do, remember this song.

I love this song, is inexplicable the sensation that I feel when i listen it, because I disconnect the world, I forget the trouble and of all.

Really i don't know much about the music of this band, but this and others song I've listen are great songs.

I recommed listening, is the excelent song!

Here is the video.