miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

My cats!

Hello, Like I said before, in this post I write about my caaaaats!... When I was little, never liked the cats, I hated them, but a winter's day came Alicia!! she was very thin and his hair was dirty and ill treat, and I gave her food and water, and from this day never left. Months after Alicia came pregnant, and gave birth three little and beautiful cats! their names are Polly, Francisca and Arturito, to Polly I gave her away and stayed with me Francisca and Arturitoo, Francisca is so fat, eat and sleep all day, but she is so happy, I know... Arturito is so beautiful, I love him, also to Francisca, but Arturito is my favorite. My whol family think that he's gay, but the do not understand that he's sensitive. Finally there is Alicia, She is older and hateful, does what she wants, my family be allows her. She is so beutiful, she have one eyes yellow and other sky-blue. My cats are very bautiful, I love them...

domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

My dogs!!!!

The past week I did not written in the blog... so in this ocassion I write about my pets.
I love the animals, are my best friends and partner, are with me ever. I love mostly the dogs, I have five, I appoints them from the first that came at my home...
The first was Sofia!!! Is so beautifull, I love her. His hair is black, and his eyes are brown. Is so nice, but when angry, is best, not closer. The second is Milly!!!! also is so beautifull, his hair is white with brown, seem cown XD, she is very naugthy, still believed to be the puppy, in my house hate her, because to broken all, but is so nice and beauty, always is happy.... Other dog is Hennano, is so funny, because his legs are very shorts and crooked, the next is Gregorio, his name is because is lame, and I remembered the serial "doctor house", still is puppy, and is so naugthy, always breaks my clothes, and the last is Tiriii!!!, his name is because he is shivering, he is old, and came the last year, is so nice, and have a face very funny, I love him... So, they are my pets, I love them. Also, I have cats, but in other ocassion will write about them.


miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


I was working almost every night, and I slept only two hours, and I woke up to 7.30 am, only to watch the game. I saw the first time complete, and I was very excited and nervous, but the Chilean selection played very well, Honduras was very weak and Chile showed superior dominating the ball, I enjoy very much the game, although I don’t like very much the football, but when I watch play Chile, I always get excited and I entertain very much… In the second time I slept!!!!! And I woke up in the last minutes, I was very frustrated…
I watched the game alone, in my bed, I want watch the game in the Estefania’s house, but I had a lot of work…
I don’t know a lot about football, is very difficult for me say who was the best player Chilean, but I think the best player was Jean Beausejour, because he was who gave the victory to Chile, scored the only goal of the game, also, I saw him all the time playing the ball XD… About the worst player Chilean, I think none of them was the worst; everybody’s gave the best, and played very well.
Really , I don’t think Chile can be the champion of the World cup, I think to advance to the next phase, but to the final… would have to see, if so, would be great… I trust in the Chilean selection and Bielsa, and I hope to arrive as close to the final….

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My Best holydays!

In my holydays, I was most of the time with my boyfriend ... Almost at the start of holidays, we went to Valparaiso to spend the new year, had a great time together ... After, all January I was in my home, because I had planned to go out with my friends, but as always, had excuses, and we do not go out together., so, I waited to my boyfriend until February to get out together, because he is working on his thesis.
In February we went to National Park "Radal Siete tazas", we camp... Is a place very beautiful, I like very much, also, camp was very cheap, therefore we had planned to spend several days there, and they had to know many beautiful places within the Park.…Lamentably, the earthquake caught us in that place, and the holydays lasting less than expected and we came back to Santiago... Despite of earthquake, before, what a great time, it was also the first time that he spent so much time with my boyfriend, and I really liked (L)... Were the best vacations I've had.
I am waiting another year to get out again, This time, we want to go to northern Chile, and well I hope I get caught another earthquake ...

My favourite geography subject!

Like I wrote in the previous post, I like of the geography, the topics most physicals, but above all, my favourite geography subject was "conservación del medio ambiente y Recuperación de Areas degradadas", which is divided in two parts, are a elective in geography, And I was take the two parts. This subject geography, as given by teacher Rodrigo Vargas. I believe that this subject is one of my favorites topics, and I hope some day work in this, is a topics that really I passionate. Other geography subject that I like me is "Biogeografia", despite the teacher I did not like, the topics I think very interesting, the vegetal species, the ecosystem, and all the topics that includes this geography subject, I like me, the teacher that given this subject is Quintanilla, I don't remember his name... Another geography subject that I like, but not the teacher, who was José Araya, was "Geomorfología", I really like what is the earth, and explanation of how things were formed and the processes that all this entails, I feel this topic is very useful, especially for those who want to devote to the more physical, and good geographers also need to know about what we stand ...
This semester, I have geography subject, maybe, most applied, this is very useful, for later to play a good job as a geographer, but I think that the teachers do not take advantage of the used that be the topics, and I feel somewhat dissatisfied of like are taught and exposed these.

I hope they are the subjects on which I spend a geography where, and what I teach each of the teachers is d great help.