lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


Until to 16 years old I wanted study veterinary, but then I knew that not was what I wanted in my life, therefore, for a long time I did not know what wanted study and what wanted for my life. When I left the school I decided to take a sabbatical, and was there that I liked geography. At first I wanted study in Concepción, in the "Universidad de Concepción", in fact, I had saw a place where live, and had everything planned for begin my life there, but for my family and friends I decided study geography in Santiago.

What I like the Geography, is its ability to integrate, both, physical aspects and social aspects that can relate them, and make works and studies about it.
The first years in the geography, I often felt unmet, I believed that university was not appropriate for me, many times I wanted to get out of it, but during these years I've realized what I really like and want to do all my life.

The area that most I like of geography is the physical aspect, I like very much the topic of the soil conservation, environment, biogeography and water problems, but obviously to be geographer, I include the other aspects that make of the geography a integrative discipline.

I like very much the geography, and really I hope to work on this during all my life...

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

I love them!!!

I never liked call only one friend how "best friend", I have more than one like I consider and I think is my best friend. In my lifetime, I have met very special people, that have marked my life and have been very importan in each step that I gave in my life.
In this moment, if I have to choose one best friend, would choose to Romina. We met at school, the year 2002, when we were in 1st half in the "Instituto O´higgins".
At first did not sympathize, but some time later, we became great friends, until today. Always I have been disorderly, and in the school I lost my things, like my notebooks, my pencils, my gloves, etc., Romina therefore ordered my things, so I do not lose.

Romina have been in moments very important in my life, we have lived many things together, She's always when I need her, supports me in everything I do, advise me, always with me. She's a great person, but is seems to be a cold and strong person in the background is sensitive, caring, and that's what made me love her so much.

They are 8 years of friendship we have shared, 8 years that we have been together in the good and bad moments, and despite the short time we have us, we try to see every month, and shared with the rest of our friends.

The love for the animals, and especially the "feeling" that was generated as we met, is what has made our friendship grows up and endure, and I hope to continue for the rest of our lives.

I love you Romina!

My hobbies!

I actually have a lot of things I like doing in my free time, but I tend not to do them because of the lack of time, or mostly, because I’m lazy.

My favourite activity is bicycling, which I have liked since I was little. I always remember bicycles being my favourite gift to receive, whether in Christmas or in my birthday. I believe it is an essential object in my life, but like I said before, either because of the lack of time or because I’m lazy, I don’t go ride my bike too much, but I do go out whenever I can. I’m lucky my boyfriend loves bicycling so it’s an activity we both enjoy a lot and he also encourages me to do it more often.

Another hobby I have is watching television (TV), which takes up most of my time. I believe this is one of my favourite activities, though because I don’t have much time, I don’t get to do it as often as I used to. However, I always try to arrange my schedule so I can have some time to watch TV. Before, I used to spend more time watching TV since I watched different series, soap-operas and other TV shows, but now I don’t do that anymore. Still, I must admit watching TV relaxes me a lot and it takes up most of my free time.

Among other things I like to do, above all stands out the time I dedicate to animals, dogs and cats mostly. Since I was little, this has been a subject which I feel very passionate about and it was the reason why, for many years I wanted to study veterinary; but then I realised that veterinary didn’t satisfy my goals and what I really like doing.

My whole family loves animals which is where I think I got all the love I have for them. In my home, whenever we’ve had the chance to, we’ve taken in animals but since my house is really small, we usually try to give them away and whenever we can’t find them a home, we keep them and take care of them together. By now, I have five dogs and three cats, all of them adopted from the streets.

Besides the pets I have in my home, whenever I can I help out institutions that help animals or I help directly animals that are on the streets or in situations I find unfair, whether by buying them food, giving them water or defending them from adverse situations. The truth is I would like to dedicate more time to do this, but I haven’t been able for different reasons, may it be because of the money or because some other things demand more time from me.
I would like to keep doing this for the rest of my life because I believe it is a very important task in daily life, since concerning stray dogs it is an important matter that lately has been in the news and up for political and social debate. This is a situation that drives me to dedicate more time to help animals and to make out of this hobby a permanent activity. Since I was little, my family encouraged me to develop strong feelings about this matter and many people that are close to me also loves animals like I do; which is why I believe it is an activity I have enjoyed doing since I was little and whenever I can I try to encourage other people to act like I do and make them realise the importance of this matter. This is my way of doing a small part to help in finding a solution; so there is no more animal cruelty and no more stray dogs roaming the streets and we can hopefully find them a home or help them have a better life, something every living being deserves.

domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip to Pichilemu

I enjoyed very much our Field Trip to Pichilemu, because adittion to learnig, we share with classmates, was very funny and a experience very rewarding.

With my group, in particular, we investigated the social area, especialy, the identity of Pichilemu, in diferent locations of commune, such as Punta de Lobos, Cáhuil, Los Ciruelos y Pañul.

This work was realised doing surveys and interviews to the people that participates in the principals activitys from each locality. Thanks to this, we realized that each locality have his own identity, and the commune of Pichilemu not is only surf.

The most interesting part of the Field Trip, was, meet differents locations, the people that live there, and the activitys that identify this places, which exceeded all expectations about the work that we had planed doing.

Apart of work that we had doing, share with my friend and classmates, I liked very much, as in previous Field Trip, not we had oportunities of share as much as we now.

I don't will live in Pichilemu, despite be a beautiful place, only in summer is a place full of people and with more movement, in winter is a town "dead", all closed, and this depresses me. Would only go in summer.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

Vanessa’s Blog

Vanessa have 7 post, where has written about his musical tastes, favorite movie, his experience with the earthquake, and other topics.

I feel indetify with the likes of vanessa, I like very much his opinions and likes, in special the music, hobbies and films.

The blog design I also like, the colors are simple, but happy, and the gadgets is appropriate for class activities.

The video that went up, I must admit that is one of my favorites musical videos, I love Bjork, all his music, therefore I agree with the taste musical of vanessa.

The photographs, I think, are appropriate whith the topics that vanessa written, and some are beautiful, how the of Machupichu, his favourite piece of technoloy and favourites activities. The photograph about the earthquake is the more representative of this catastrophe in the country.

In general, I like very much vanessa’s blog, I think it represents his personality, and we share some tastes.

His Blog address is: