miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

Brazil completes controversial Amazon dam auction

Conflict by the approval to build a big hydroelectric plant of Belo Monte, in the Xingu River, Brazil. Environmental groups and indigenous opposed to the completion of this proyect, while people in government and residents of nearby sectors believe will be a great opportunity to create jobs and increase tourism.

Hierro 3

Lately I have not seen good films, I saw in the summer some films like "2012" and "Wolf man", but I don´t like. Maybe, the film that more I like was "Hierro 3". Is a film of 2004, but I saw starting the summer, and I like it. Is a corean film, that related the story of two persons, a man living in diferent people house's, when this is unoccupied, and enters to the house of a married woman, under the orders of her husband, she discover him, and fall in love.
She scapes from home for to be with the man that she loves, but they have problems for be together, he is arrested and strug to to get out and be with her again.
Usually I don´t like romantic films, but this I like because is not the tipycal romantic film, the enviroment and how develops the story. The film is in silence, the characters never talk, and this silence make special the film. Is a slow film, but mantains your atention.

This film is starring Lee Seung-yeon and Jae Hee, realy is a film very beautiful, where one can realize that any feeling is beyond words but what we are capable of expressing

I hope yo like!


jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

I was on holidays in the National Park "Radal siete tazas", camping with my boyfriend. Five minute before earthquake I wake up for go to the bathroom, and when i was lifting me the earthquake began. I have panic to quakes, but slowly began, my boyfriend can was reassure me, until it started stronger, and we hugged.

The noise from earth, I will never forget it, was very strange and stronger, seemed that the earth "roared", the trees were shaken, I had panic, and I prayed.
When finish the earthquake, my boyfriend and me we got up for see to see what had happened, and we saw a great cloud of dust from the Cordillera and felt a soft smell of sulfur, and we thought was the volcano was "Descabezado", which was very close, and gave us terror. Thank god the smell to the minutes passed, and was only a false alarm. When it dawned, we decided go to sleep for rest, but get the police to evacuate, because the river caudal "Claro" was down, therefore, there was avalanche danger, I was hysterical, wanted saw to my family, as not knew of them, I not knew how had been the earthquake in Santiago, and I cried.

At 10 in the morning I can get to "Molina", the nearest town, and everything was down, there I
realized the magnitude of the earthquake, the bus terminals estanban closed and did not know how to return to Santiago.

At 1 of afternoon I could talk with my family, and this made me very happy.

Then get to "Curico", was overwhelmed by the disaster, the hospital was broken in two parts, the train station was down, and the bus station full of people. I was worried, I wanted arrived to Santiago, with my family.

After hours I managed to take a bus, and was very dificult transited to travel on the road, had diverted, the journey took hours.

Arrived to Santiago, went to my house and I huged to my mom, was the very emotional moment.

I think Chile reacts as compared to the earthquake sources, the magnitude of this, I think very few people died. The lack of committed officials, not being able to give warning of a tsunami, many people died because of that, I feel that in a country like this should not happen these things. Hopefully we serve as a lesson in front of another situation like this, not to die again so many people that could have been saved.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

I need talk to you !!!!

The comunications are fundamental piece in the daily life for all the world.
For me the comunication is very important above all when I'm far of my family and my loved ones. Despite the distance and I can not see them, just because of their voices heard and know that they are well, makes me happy, though not be it same have be with they, so it is very important in my life the telephone.

The day of the earthquake, was very frustrating for me, as I could not comunicate with my family, I not had news from they for hours. Therefore the posibility of be comunicate by telephone is very important in such situations of catastrophe. But not only I use it for know and give bad news, I use it very much for talk with my boyfriend and my friends when I cannot see them in the time that the study occupies most of my time or I don't have free time for see them.

I don't remember the first time I used the telephone, but I was very young when installed telephone on my home, and from that moment I not have it left of use