martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

A perfect Day!

Hi Classmates!

A perfect day? I really feel that I have had many perfect days with my friends, my family and my boyfriend, but I must be sincere and perfect the last few days I've experienced are with David. The song sounds very familiar; many will say that I am a "mamona", but I no matter.
In perfect day is and will be in Santiago or not, maybe a beach, the mansard truth does not matter ... hours of walking, talking, enjoying a meal or an ice cream at night to take us maybe something good and forget everything else, that was a scenario that has been repeated many times and I really love.
With my friends in life, a perfect day would be all day with them, ultimately we do not see very often, we find it or not all by myself would be great to be with all, talking, cooking something delicious, etc.
With my family spends something like that with my friends, very rarely we be together, therefore I wish I could meet everyone, especially that my mom.
I think it would be a perfect day to share with everyone, you may forget about the problems, it does not matter where or what to do.
I remember listening to the song of many beautiful moments I've experienced, as I said initially, especially with David, I look forward to having perfect days!

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