jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Santiago, tourist city!

Hi classmates!

In my opinion Santiago not is the more beautiful city of Chile and not is my favourite place for to visit, but if I choice the places more picturesque for a foreigner tourist, maybe, I recommend the natural places of Santiago, for theirs beautiful landscapes and because are places where you can to escape of the contamination and chaos of the city.
The first place is “Cajón del Maipo”, in my opinion is the place more beautiful of Santiago because have a lot of the landscapes, the best place for to visit are the Morado Glacial, Baños Morales, Los Valdés, also wall to Lo Valdes you meet a cascade so beautiful, I don’t remember their name, but you may to visit it.
Other place, in the centre Santiago is Cerro San Cristobal "is called as the" lungs of Santiago ", the attractions that you find there are the zoo, swimming pools, a funicular and teleférico which unfortunately now is not working, or you can just go to enjoy a walk in nice place and have a full view of the city of Santiago, often contaminate, but still can be beautiful.
The Panul also is a nice place to visit, in the commune of La Florida, I don’t met it, but I know that is one of the few places where the sclerophyllous forest preserves in the city of Santiago, is very beautiful, because has beauty scenery and is very close to the city.

These places are no longer natural places, but I recommend them because they are beautiful and desirable in my opinion, are places that preserve its fine old facade and give the place a special atmosphere, one of them is the Barrio Concha y Toro, is close to Brazil Street, is a place I love, has a central pool and the houses are very nice and another very similar, but has much more trade and movement is the Barrio Lastarria, which is also very nice and the atmosphere is very special.
I hope that the places that I think are the best of Santiago are liked by many ...

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